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    26-28 MAY 2023/CIRCULO MLITAR DEL PERU-SALAVERRY HEADQUARTERS,LIMA-PERU.  Our booth  is NO.174. Welcome to cisit and  communicate. We are participating in the 2023 auto parts exhibition in Lima, Peru, we specialize in the production of trucks, generator sets, ships, agricultural machinery, constr...
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  • Cross-border e-commerce has Become a Living Force Driving the Growth of Foreign Trade

    The importance of cross-border e-commerce continues to highlight In 2021, China’s export scale will continue to expand, and the total export trade will reach 21.73 trillion yuan, with a growth rate of over 30%. “Affected by the continuous rise of international logistics costs, my coun...
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  • Facing Multiple Pressures, Chinese Foreign Trade Companies are Adapting to Changes

    Since the beginning of this year, due to the spread of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the rise of trade protectionism, the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, and overseas inflation, the pressure on China’s foreign trade growth has increased. Facing the ever-changing international marke...
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  • How to Unblock the Industrial Chain and Boost the Industrial Economy

    Domestic epidemics have occurred frequently recently, and some unexpected factors have exceeded expectations, posing challenges to the smooth operation of the industrial economy. Part of the logistics is blocked, and the operating costs of small and medium-sized enterprises are relatively high, s...
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  • Multi-party “Dredging and Solving Difficulties” to Ensure a Stable Supply Chain

    Guaranteeing supply and stable prices, logistics smoothness is the key. “People’s livelihood must be supported, freight must be smooth, and industries must be recycled” – On April 18, the national teleconference on ensuring smooth logistics and promoting the stability of t...
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  • Fuel Water Separation Filter Element Cleaning and Maintenance

    Fuel water separation filter element cleaning and maintenance method: If it is not used for a long time, the filter must be cleaned, the filter element must be unplugged, washed and dried, sealed in a plastic bag and stored without contamination, and the filter must be wiped and stored without da...
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  • Pilot Expansion China has Established 132 Cross-border E-commerce Comprehensive Pilot Zones

    The State Council recently issued the “Reply on Approving the Establishment of Comprehensive Pilot Zones for Cross-border E-commerce in 27 Cities and Regions including Ordos” (hereinafter referred to as the “Reply”), and the scale of pilot fields for cross-border e-commerc...
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  • How to Separate Water from Gasoline?

    The method of oil-water separation: 1. Filtration method The filtration method is to pass the waste water through a device with perforations or through a filter layer composed of a certain granular medium, and use its interception, screening, inertial collision and other functions to remove the s...
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  • RCEP Accelerates to Stimulate Regional Trade Vitality

    On January 1, the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP), signed by 15 economies including China, 10 ASEAN countries, Japan, and South Korea, came into effect. As the world’s largest free trade agreement, the entry into force of RCEP will significantly promote China’s impo...
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  • The patron saint of heavy truck engine cooling system – water filter, do you know about it?

    What is an engine water filter? The water filter (coolant filter), as its name implies, is a filter that filters the engine coolant. Its main function is to filter impurities in the coolant, prevent the formation of scale, and at the same time add specific elements to the engine antifreeze to ens...
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  • What are the effects of a clogged diesel generator air filter?

    If the filter element of the air filter is blocked, or the resistance of the air passing through increases due to quality problems, the diesel engine will suffer from insufficient air intake. If the amount of air entering the cylinder is reduced, the fuel mixture will become inappropriate (usuall...
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  • Inspection Method of Diesel Generator Air Filter

    The air filter is a device that removes particulate impurities in the air. If the filter loses its function, it will affect the friction between the piston and the cylinder, which may lead to serious cylinder pulling of the diesel generator. 1. Open air intake method. When the engine is not overl...
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